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Jungle Flasher v1.59 Beta


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A new beta version of JungleFlasher(info) has been released:
JungleFlasher 0.1.59 - cleanup to 0.1.55

DVDKey32(info) Support Updated
Added Support for USB Extractor Switch, for remote launch of DVDkey32 from probe
Added optional delay on dvdkey32... allow time for probe.... delay32 in reg, default is 0, max 20 sec

Hitachi Support Updated
Added Stop-Disk to Hitachi commands, People were still putting in a disk, a habit from FWTB days, commands would fail and the drive would crash.
Improvements to Ram upload dump, should dump in 1 - 1.5 sec... added timer for the fun of it...
Introducing USmodeB with JungleUSB drivers, for Hitachi
1. JungleUSB drivers allow Hitachi on USB to be seen in Mode-A, mode-B command can be issued
2. at power up, you may need to open/close the drive to allow windows to PnP fully
3. Send USmodeB - JF will enumerate all windows drive letters and find any Hitachi, JF will send mode-b

General items Updated
* Added, test for port IO....
JF will scan device tree for PortIO, 4 outcomes are possible
i. port io running aok
ii. port removed
iii. port not installed
iv. port io has an error
* Fixed, Ctrl f7 for Drive pororties on PortIO, drives were not being detected
* Added donate icon, users complained they conuldn't see.... ;-)

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