K 800i


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Girl in work having problems with the above phone.
Red light comes on but thats about it. Phone wont start up etc.
She`s tried all the usual, removed battery, sim, chip etc. & put them back in.

Heres the link she used to try & sort it.

Any ideas?
Thanks Guys :)
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have the exact same phone noely, bad battery maybe? did it get a bad fall or soaking, or if all else fails brute force and ignorance does me proud, i.e hop it off a wall :)


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Afternoon axxxo :)
I told her to do that earlier lol.
It didnt fall or get wet, just wont turn on. she just has the red light & it wont go any further. I`ll tell her to change the battery if she has another one.

cheers mate (y)


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Either the battery is low / faulty or the erom is damaged. flashing it would help to fix this.

If you need to flash it,

1. Download wotanclient from here

2. Clear the login settings

3. When you are connecting your phone press and hold 2+5 then connect the cable (computer recognises USB device connected) release 2+5 keys, and click start on WotanClient

4. It will now upgrade your EROM

5. Finished


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I think she tried that yesterday H, but trying again wont do any harm, I`ll do it for her tomorrow.
Cheers mate (y)

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EDIT - She wasnt holding the 2&5 before & while connecting. She was holding them after.
I`ll let you know how I get on H :)