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hi can anyone help me i have had a mobile phone from the company i work for and had it for about 8 years i have now been made redundant and want to keep my number as everyone i know and known has it, but i also need the contract to keep going for the the company.


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A lot of company's over here have allowed their employees to keep their number/ take over the contract, have you asked anyone at management or higher level if you can do this. It really isn't that much hassle, just a form to sign and bingo.
If it is a case that the company has gone completely bang, just contact your service provider, explain the situation and they will give you the number as they want one more, not one less customer. let us know how you get on.


The ONLY way you can keep/take over the number is to go through what they call a 'transfer of ownership' part of this process you would be credit vetted by the network just as if you were a new customer and if passed then you'd qualify to take on the contract (all be it as a consumer as I'm pretty sure you'd not get the same deal/rates the business gets)

This might be difficult as it's a business phone and most likely sits within the networks EBU (Enterprise business unit) side of the business.
Regardless, whatever department currently looks after the account, the account owner needs to authorise the transfer of ownership (if they want to keep the number there is absolutely not one thing you can do about it) - what is unclear from your post is why the company would want to keep the contract on your phone going in the first place - surely if you have been made redundant then they would gladly let the contract go as it is only going to cost them money for something they are not using....unless there is of course a business reason they would want to keep the number associated with it for some reason....for example clients that might call it looking to do business with them etc.