Kodak ESP C310 All in one printer wifi


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Hi all,
was'nt sure where to post this, anyway, i have the above printer, was going great guns until, i had to change the black ink,
done a test print, all the colours are showing up, but no black, kept doing test prints, and all the stuff the site told me to do,
then ink levels went low on colour but showing black as full, so forked out for new colour and black ink, done test sheet ect
still no black? saw on kodak site that other peeps were having same problem, but no solution....
so wondered if anyone here had said printer, and has had this problem with it, and the big Question.... how did you rectify it,
thanks in advance


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Did you ever get this resolved? only just seen it.

no, just put the printer in the cupboard, till i get two new inks, as all the test pages kodak told me to do used up all the ink, but would not print the black, so still dont know what the problem is, will suss it out after xmas, thanks


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Possibly the ink dried up in the black cartridge, blocking the jets???


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Also take a look at this further down the page.