Kodi Library Setup


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Does anyone know how to setup Kodi libraries on Kodi 17/18.

I'm specifically trying to setup a library or playlist that links to an addon, but then something like 'New Movies' so that it auto updates and always shows the latest movies.

All I can work out is how to add a single movie to a playlist.
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Not sure how you can add the movies from an addon?
But adding them by adding source/so they point to an hard drive with your films is fairly easy. If that will do?

EDIT 1: This might be the type of addon you may need, They will be others so have a look around?
It gives a full explanation of how to setup a library from all the addons you may have installed in kodi. The link as a lot of bunff at the beginning just quick browse it to see if it helps.

This link is from the official kodi site so should be more safe. (Has you don,t know in this an age what your getting? :))
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