Kodi on Raspbian


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Got a Pi, as some of you will know (well I have more than one but this one I've installed Kodi on) and I know OpenELEC is probably the best OS for Kodi on the Pi, but I wanted to be able to VPN to it to use it on the go.

Anyway, my problem is, it won't play video content. Not when streaming from my E2 box, not from the likes of Exodus. The video opens in the background as I can see the info in the top corner and if I exit right out of all menus it gives me the play button, stop etc. But none of the video content will play.

Well I doubt anybody cares but I fixed it. Didn't realise I had to alter the gpu settings in raspi-config. Sorted now.
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I have an old Raspberry Pie (V2 I think) the one with 256 of ram and was thinking of doing a project with it and kodi