kodi on Zgemma h2s


Hi guys,
My dad has a zgemma h2s running whooshbuild. it came preinstalled so i dont know much about it. He is wondering if he can run kodi on this box as i have on my Vu+ solo 2. But i think Vupluskodi is only for vu+ boxes?
Anyone know if it can be done. Il be going to have a look at it later and hopefully put some sort of kodi on to it. only need the ability to run exodus or something similiar.
thanks Lee
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TK Veteran
Kodi is a no go on them. Only thing that it can have is kodi direct which is very hit or miss and crashes alot.
Just run iptv player can get same sorts of things on there

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Ya second that , kodidirect more of a pain than gain , install the free iptv plugin , two or three movie addon in that and films are good quality. ......