Latest Image for H2S Advice please


Evening all

I am currently running my h2s on openvix-3.2.037.release-zgemma-h.2s_usb and i like the look of it but i am looking for a update for it so i can add to a usb stick & flash again
Does anyone know where i can find one please, i have tried Whoosebuild but prefer the about on mine as i cudnt get all the epg data to load whilst using Whoosbuild

Thank you in advance
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TK Veteran
They should be. Don't use vix myself (use wooshbuild openatv) but can't imagine there is any difference on the flash from USB bit


There barebones images that you need to setup your self use the other link for scumnsees backup
cheers mate cracking one that is
my mate wants it now simply so he can get itv hd on his box but he has a ZGEMMA S and two ZGEMMA 2S is there one for his too please

thanks again


youll find it here Zgemma-star 2S the s will work with a 2s image

cheers mate

if i just want to update it like it says below ( do i need to be already running a Wooshbuild as i am running openvix-3.2.037.release-zgemma-h.2s_usb)

ftp this zip file to /hdd/imagebackups
(create the folder if needed)

image manager
blue to restore