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I was watching some stuff online the other day and have found myself learning about coding. I enjoy the challenge but am wondering what opportunities it could open up for me? Up till now I have always had a job doing manual labour but am open to a change maybe in the coming years.

Thanks all.

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The problem with coding jobs is that when you want to apply to work for a company. They all want a minimum of 2 years experience,on top of the qualifications, where do you get that from if they will not give you a chance. Its well worth learning, C# is probably the best code to learn these days as it is used in alot of online business pages.


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Had similar issues with getting into my industry. The need for experiance that no one will give you. Thanks for the reply. I'll look into C#

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From what I hear/read Python is a very good language to learn and will probably be more useful for you if doing it for fun ATM. It's more of a scripting language so you can automate and do fun things with it.

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Not sure if you are still coding mate but JavaScript is a great langue to learn. I'm a JavaScript developer. Look up the job sites and search coding jobs in that language, or search Front End Developer. All websites use JavaScript but it's also being used now on the server too. Almost anything can be done using the language. Also learning Android or iOS would be good as there's big money in that. Never looked at those languages myself but think the C language would give you a good basis. Just some pointers buddy :-) Plenty of free videos on the web and YouTube for learning any computer language these days. A good paid one is CodeSchool.com. I use that regularly as any coding job requires constant learning as languages change over time or cool new friends become available to use.

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I know the original post was a few months ago but just thought I'd chime in for anyone interested in programming. If you're looking to get into the industry you really need to be learning Java or .NET (C#) because that's the industry standard, luckily they're pretty similar in syntax so if you learn one proficiently then you'll pick up the other one with not too much effort. I started with C many years ago then moved onto C++ and then finally C# , a bit of ASM for reverse engineering and then I use python for anything that's pretty web heavy.

I'm fully self-taught by the way so it can be done, it regards to getting a job with no professional experience I would say set up a Github account and start contributing to as many projects as possible and create your own projects, you can link Github on websites like linked.in and also possibly put it on your CV if the only job you're going for is within that sector. Sure it might be different from working in an actual professional environment but it shows you know how to work with and around others in a programming sense, it will also show how proficient you are in the language(s).