Linking Zgemma to Kodi


Hi guys,
I have linked my H2S to Kodi on my Firestick in my bedroom but every time I start viewing on Kodi both pictures freeze and all the Sly channels go off. Then I have to restart my CC line and Zgemma box to get it going again. Any ideas why?
It can stay in standby.
My Zgemma is in another room, so I use Kodi to watch live TV/recordings from it.
The only thing you can't do is pause live tv.


That's class.

I checked how to set it up and it is really simple by the looks of it? What's the easiet way to get different boutiques going?

Do you just add them one at a time or can you only use 1 boutique at a time?


One other think, can you put in the IP of the Zgemma box and use with a kodi box with a different IP.

What mean can I use it if it is in a different location?

Probably a silly question but worth a shout.


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No not without opening ports to view outside of network, use Google for that but I wouldn't recommend it as you'll leave your box exposed to anyone accessing it and hacking your box

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So back to ivue? Can you make the channels from the Zgemma favourites to use with the ivue guide or something like that?