Loaded Test line and lost FTA channels


Zgemma h.2s using openvix loaded n line
I received an error when trying to 'download now' in crossepg to update epg listings
So created bouquet from scratch again and rebooted
EPG now showing all channels and programs
However, I can only view sky channels if I select 101 for bbc I receive 'no free tuner' error
I could view them all before adding the line
Any thoughts?


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Yes, I'm recording ITV watching another but get the error if I try to view 1,2 4 etc


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It is possible to record one channel and watch another channel with 1 tuner but you will be limited to what other channels you can watch.

I would say 1 tuner/feed is at fault, this would be why you get an error with cross. your box is set as a twin tuner so whilst you are watching a channel cross tries to use the other tuner to download and boom error.

I would check your tuners are configured correctly and check feeds in the back


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Reseated cables, now I can
Record 1 channel and watch any other channel
Record 2 channels and watch limited channels
Does this sound like the right setup now?