looking for a z8


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Only had the z8 for two days then sold it to my brother.

Have only got the z7 at the moment that could possibly going up for sale.

Will be looking for two more boxes when virgin connect us up.

What do you guys do with all the boxes keep as door stoppers :ROFLMAO:
Don't really have alot of boxes at one time like bazcfc1. I generally sell before I upgrade.

I will buy another 2 or 3 when virgin connect us up maybe 1 zgemma and 2 android.

Just so the kids and mrs can watch there stuff when footie or boxing is on.


Only spare box I have is a zgemma i55+ never used it got it on a whim so might sell it. To big for a door stop or to prop up the bed :laughing::laughing::laughing: