Looking for simple to use IPTV device



Can any of you recommend a good box for IPTV (under £100 ideally) that is as simple to use and navigate around as a satellite or aerial set top box?

My 82 year old father-in-law has asked me to set him up so he can watch live footy due to no longer being able to get to the match himself.
He's watched games round ours before (Kodi, Fire stick and LG TV app at different points), but I think he'd struggle with wading through lots of menus or having to locate the app and load that up first.

Not sure if I'm asking the impossible, but would really welcome your thoughts.



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Any android device.set the app to boot on start up. He will have to scroll through menus
Unless you use something like tivimate and delete all the groups he will never use.
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