lots of newboy questions


Hello everyone, I have a few questions about the openbox v8s, It would be nice if somebody could answer them of at least point me in the right direction.

1/ My dish is logged onto Astra 28a and the channel list is full of pay channels, can I get rid of them and just have the freesat programs?
2/ What is the easiest way to do a timed recording? I pressed the record button whilst a program was on and it worked really well but I did not know how to stop the recording, I think I just pressed exit in the end, is that how to do it?
3/ I bought one of those 36 hour trial m3u files from ebay and after a lot of tinkering to get a channel list up and to get the sound working it worked great, but too many channels about 2000 and the list was very messy. Is there a way to organize the list and delete things like sky movies, sky sports, the music channels, the foreign channels and the god channels?

That will do for now and thank you for any help.


Well I have discovered the answer to a problem related to question 2.
I was having a problem doing a timed recording, silly me, the reason that it won't work is because I was trying to record an ITV program and of course that is not possible, they do not allow it. Also last night I spent a couple of hours making a list of all of the free freesat channels that I can get, 2 Columns on a side of lined A4, and I took it to the hospital to show my partner what she can look forward to when she comes out, I have just washed my trousers with the list in the pocket, doh.
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