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So I was about to pay for I entered a MAC address for my wireless connection on my LG smart TV and kept getting an error message stating invalided MAC address
Went back to TV and found there are two MAC addresses
One Wireless stating letter letter: eg AA:
One wired starting number, number: eg 11:
Now my TV is set p wireless and I have no intention of running a cable to it - too late now carpet has been laid!!
Question is, after all that, will the wired MAC address, if entered to activate the siptv software work even though I'm running a wireless connection?
Hope this makes sense


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As far as I'm aware when you open the smart IPTV app on your LG TV, it will show you the Mac address you must enter on This is the Mac address for your TV, not your wireless or wired address from the router.

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The mac is for the TV not the connection cards. Open the iptv app and it tells you the tv mac you need to activate


Thank you both for taking the time to answer.
Interesting that I mixed up a O and a 0 at least my problem is solved.


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I think it's long press OK, then press OK again to get to Settings and the MAC is there. At least on SIPTV on Android box.