Mag 254/256 users


After some feedback on what settings everyone is using with there mag box ?
Buffer in seconds ?
DNS settings? (If any )

Settings duplicated in app and inner portal or just set in inner or outer portal ?

Any feedback would be useful on running this box to the best of its ability.

Isp's- has anyone noticed what is an issue with certain isp's- ?


I use a mag 256 have not had to change any settings I use outer portal for viewing programmes but also added an m3u playlist also downloaded from provider to inner portal for the ability to record.


Hi everyone I hear the best box for iptv is the mag box but is there any real difference between the 254 and the 256 and as I won't be using it for recording or anything like that which box would I be better of with and how da hell do you tell if it's a clone or not

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