Mag 254 Connection Problem Message


I've been successfully using my Mag 254 with IPTV for the last couple of weeks.
Tonight I was watching the Arsenal game with no problems. then towards the end a 'Connection Problem' message appeared in an orange box at the top of the screen however the game continued to be shown fine.

Once the game was over I switched the box off and on in the hope that the message box would disappear. What happened was that the device just loaded up to a menu page with a message saying 'Page loading error'

I've made sure the portal URL is fine and I've tried to load it several times without success.
I've also unplugged the box and also the router and let both reboot from no power. Still the problem is there and I just get the 'Page loading error' message.

I've sent a message to my IPTV provider but was wondering if anyone on here can advise too as I'm rather stuck and I was looking forward to seeing my footy team playing tomorrow at 3pm.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance.
That's a box related issue mate your iptv have nothing to do with it , the box might need a reflash but don't take my word for it as i don't know much about mag boxes

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I know a few people getting this on the 256 had it tonight myself seems to have happened since the last update on the 256 but a router reset usually sorts you may have to give it a few minuets to find your ip address again issue seems to come back every few days though who is your BB supplier I trying to work out if its just happening with one particular BB supplier
Hey people i have recently got the mag 250 however, works fine for around 25-30mins but then completely freezes and the box wont respond to the remote. Only way to get it working again is by pulling out the power cable. This is really annoying. Anyone know how to solve this?
I've tested a few servers recently and this only happened in one server. As you said the tv continued to stream fine but I didn't to pull the plug. I'm not using that server now.
Thanks for the replies.
I've just tried again after a good nights sleep hoping that the problem would have gone away however it's still there.
Someone asked which broadband supplier I'm on. It's EE and has generally been great for me.
Would be interesting to hear by PM which IPTV provider others had a problem with last night. Hopefully it's the same one and we can then rule out a problem with our boxes.
Box started to play up last night would not get any channel left it all night managed to load this morning got a couple channels that just broke up and froze now it wont load portal
I have a MAG 256 and had the same "connection problem" flashing up over the last few days. The stream usually continues to play (sometimes freezes) but as soon as you try to change back to a menu (including VOD) there is no refresh of the listings.
A power off hard reset has been the only solution.

I am trying something out that was recommended to me, based on a potential issue with the MAG (256 only??) outputting video at 50Hz.
I have switched it to 60hz and it seems to be ok (for now).
Seems a strange relationship between fault and potential solution, however it does seem to be resolved and I haven't been able to replicate the issue.
Maybe try it?
I'm trialling from another iptv provider and that is working fine. The problem would appear to be due to the original provider. maybe it will be resolved, maybe it won't.

Fortunately I found a superb quality stream online to watch the Terriers take on Palace. Maybe I don't need IPTV when this is available?
I had this page loading erro also - saturday and sunday. I didnt change anything then monday night i was back online. I have a Mag256.
My supplier is Sly - i presumed it was down to all the problems we had over the weekend with the footy?