Mag 256 and connection error during football games


Hi All,

Greetings to everyone, first time poster.

I just got my MAG 256 a week ago, and I found a sub from fleeBay, however during football matches the portal page on the MAg 256 box goes offline, I am unable to load up the menu, portal, channels etc.

It literally stops working, then a few hours later mainly after football matches it starts to work, it has been a source of constant frustration. My ISP is Talktalk, and I am using fibre, I know its not connection related because my internet works during this period. I have complained to the Sub seller and he says its an issue with my ISP blocking things.

Anyone know how this can be verified or anyone know what is actually happening. ?


When ISP blocks, does it block all the time or just randomly as i would have thought ISP block would be all the time not during football matches.


It's my understanding that Sly's recently won court order gives them permission for the first time to block the servers at source instead of chasing shadows as new links pop up, but it obviously is limited to the times when matches are being played.


Not all providers get blocked
I'd look for a less well advertised one other than eBay
I use 3 and all work 99.9%of the time

Skipper Walker

Hi guys. First time posting. I would really appreciate it if you could pm me with your reliable subs please. After buying a mag256 my first sub got blocked for every live game but included the entire service and then my current one has been unreliable so third time lucky I hope. Cheers in advance.