Mag-256 Mag 256 Channels Blocked ??


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Hi a friend has a Mag 256, he says he has lost loads of channels which used to clear.

I haven't had a chance to look at it yet so I haven't really got any more detail than that.

I have a spare android box with Stb EMu pro loaded on it, I was going to set that up for him so he can compare
the channels on each box.

Has anything happened with the Mag boxes that I don't know about ?

The server doesn't need VPN or anything like that, and the android box seems to work fine at my house, haven't noticed any missing channels.


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More likely to be his service provider with the problem of channels missing or not clearing.


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Get his provider to look into it or get him to kick the line mate it's not informer blocking as it would say


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Thanks for the replies, we both use the same provider and I haven't noticed any issues with my android box
But then again I only really use it for 3pm kick offs

Was wondering if it was an informer thing to be honest. Just something I might have missed.

Will take a look when I see him next