Mag-256 MAG 256 Locks Up with Black Screen, remote unresponsive?

I am new to these MAG /IPTV stuff.
I have changed multiple Power supply 12V/.5A to 12V/2A from Sagemcom. In all cases, the screen suddenly turns black, LED white, and 4 columns of INFOMIR logo on my screen, with Loading..... text at the bottom.
I have no issues with my box, as long as I load the Stalker Portal IPTV service.
The box crashes, if I use the inner portal's IPTV Channels (I have a Legit M3U setup there with TWIT, AlJazera, ABC News etc).

Since stalker is a container, it handles the situation well. However Non-Stalker TV Channels have much better picture quality which is most likely heating up the MAG 256 box.

I have tried 1080P/60 Video settings, also tried with AUto/Auto.

No resolution yet.

Arnab M
Hey guys and gals.

I bought a Mag 256 about 6-8 weeks ago and everything has been hunky dory but lately last week or so it has been locking up.

The picture goes black and the box is totally unresponsive to the remote, the power like is a white. The only way round this is to kill its power and start it back up again.

This is totally random sometimes it might happen after 10 minutes of been on other times it will be a couple of hours.

I googled the issue and found a page saying these boxes have an issue been in PAL mode but mines not in PAL its set too 1080P-50, iv tried other settings to no avail.

Any idea's?


Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Having a similar issue on a mag322.. it's on the latest firmware from informir, I load up the portal ok but when I switch between channels after the 3rd switch it goes black, light is on box still but remote does nothing, only way to get back is by powering off and back on at plug .
i have a 322 with no prblem; but when i try a new firmware 2.19.02.rc1 i got the same problem : after going through and changing channels i got black screeen and the remote not responding at all !need tocut the power to reboot? going back to my first 2.19.01 all things good again.
i have also been told (not vérified..) that the internal voltage of the box is 5 or 6volts so its will be better to use a power unit of 10volts because the regulator power has to decrease to 6v and this cause some more heat to evacuate!
I have a 256 with intermittent freezing like when you change chanel the info bar with chanel pops up at bottom with black screen some times chanel comes back on after a few seconds other times it freezes and I have to power down and back on. I have rolled back firmware and tried a new power source I think I have cracked it it may go a hour or so then do it other times its after 5-10 mins.
I have 2 providers on the portal and both are the same any advice