Mag 256 subtitle issue


Hi all........
have a mag 256 nearly new
and every time I switch it on
subtitles come on automatic on channel bbc1 hd only,turn it off on remote via APP button goes off but every time I change channel go back to it it's the same again back on again on that one channel only confused could this be a sub provider issue or do I have to reset to default thanks in advance.


It set to auto on on the box. Got to the mag box settings. not your sub settings. and look for teletext i think in there you turn it off. Dont think it under subtitles, prob under audio text.


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Hi lain
Thanks for the reply but I think it's ok now for some reason think it was having its moments but if not next time I will give this a go thankyou


Hi there to all - new to this forum... I also am having issues - I have mag 254 and want to enable subtitles. When I press the “mode”or the “app”button on remote the only option I have under subtitles is “off” Is there somehow or somewhere to enable to have the option to turn on? Being hearing impaired is no fun for anyone else in the room watching if I have to have volume up loud enough for neighbours to hear! Lol thanks in advance