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Mag 324/325 help!


Hi kindly excuse me besides being retired am also not tech savvy need help with
1. Best way to switch the unit off ( is it the little button on the unit?)
2. Do i also switch off at the socket on the wall nighly?
3.i can scroll with up... down button but donot know how to change
Page ! Googling only shows old/ different remotes
Thanking in advance


TK Veteran
Have a look on youtube as many many videos on there which may be easier for you to follow. I do not have your box or would do a little list of pointers for you


Many thanks to moshibeth TK Veteran but no joy on youtube!(must be me) but for
The benefit of others who have page problem ! I bought old type mag remote
And all good it works! Youtube video will identify home key+ page key etc


Many thanks urie i did see that on youtube but for some reason i was unsucessfull!
As said earlier purchased replacement remote & no program was required