Major sport events

Hi all

Can someone help me.

I want to know if for example the Ryder cup, UFC 205 and 3pm kick offs if I try and watch these with my sub that normally has the channels that supply these events. Will that channel be skipping glitching and going off etc because so many people will be watching it at once or am I completely wrong on this?. If I have posted this in the incorrect place please let me know and if someone knows can you pm me please. Thank you

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The best test for how good a line is is to watch a popular sporting event because that's when the servers will be under the most pressure.


Not really. The not so popular are the ones to test.
A cache only server can be good on the popular channels as there's lots of ecm request for it to reply with. The not so popular it will freeze as it struggles to give the ecm request ro you reciever

What is Cache-EX ?
"Cache" - as used in the cardsharing scene, is simply a collection of already used, valid ECM's, collected by your card- and proxy- readers.
The "Cache-EX" feature in Oscam makes it possible to exchange and merge local collected cache with other Oscam servers.

Why is Cache useful in general ?
Quite simple. Even without Cache-EX enabled, Oscam builds a cache by default. Every ECM request done by a client is forwarded to a card or proxy reader.
All answered ECM's will stay in Oscam's memory for a certain period of time, and will be removed when its TTL (Time to Live) expires.
On a busy server, you can imagine that there are quite a bunch of valid ECM's stored in memory. All together they are called "Cache".

When another user requests an ECM for the same channel at the same time, Oscam will automatically return the copied/stored/cached ECM from its local cache, without requesting any reader.
Every ECM requested is always checked against the available cache first, so the result is a 50% save on your card, based on the 2 users requesting the same ECM.
OK! I understand the above. Why use Cache-EX on top of the local cache ?
Cache-EX stands for 'Cache Exchange', and is simply a method to transfer cache from, or to another Oscam server.
This way, a second server receives and stores the collected cached ECM's into its own memory, and clients can request and use them the same way as described above.

Also the total cache on the second server (its own + received from 1st server) can be forwarded to a third server)
When many busy servers merge all cached ECM's, a huge cache will be available saving card-requests on all connected servers.