Manually Set Page File To Clear on Exit XP Home & Pro


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Manually Set Page File To Clear on Exit XP Home

Your Pagefile is your "virtual memory" or "swap file", a reseved section of your hard drive to use as RAM (random access memory). The advantages of pagefile is that you can read a large chunk of data from a single area rather then from different locations on your hard drive. It also takes fewer I/O (input/output) operations so a file can be read or writen faser. This can contain sometimes sensitve data like passwords that can sometimes be vulnerable without proper protection. Follow the next steps to set windsows to autmatically clear it upon shut down.

1. Go to start menu
2. Click "run"
3. Enter "regedit" hit "enter" or hit "ok"
5. Open "system"
6. Open "currentcontrolset"
7. Open "control"
8. Open "Session Manager"
9. Open "Memory management"
10. On the right hand side right click on the value "ClearPageFileAtShutDown"
- if there is no value there right click in the open section and add a DWORD
value and name it "ClearPageFileAtShutdown"
11. Change value to "1"
12. Reboot

Your all set!

Note: shutdown may be higher for slower computers

For XP Professional.

Control Panel
Performance and Maintenance
Administrative Tools
Double Click Local Security Policy
Local Policies & Expand to Security Options
In the right hand pane, right click on (Shutdown Clear Virtual Memory Pagefile) & choose Properties
Click on the “Enable” radio button.