marlon king gets 18 mths


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Wigan to sack jailed striker King

King will be left without a club once he has served his sentence
Wigan chairman Dave Whelan says Marlon King will never play for the club again after he was jailed for 18 months.

The striker, 29, was found guilty of sexual assault and actual bodily harm after he had been "cold-shouldered" by a female student in a London nightclub.

The incident occurred last December while he was on loan at Hull.

Whelan told BBC Radio 5 live: "We will now be in the process of severing his contract. To say the least I am really, really disappointed."

Whelan, who only learned on Tuesday that King was on trial at Southwark Crown Court, must follow Premier League rules and pay the player's wages for 14 days before terminating his contract.

The Latics chairman went on: "It's really upsetting and it just sets such a bad example for any youngster coming through who wants to be a professional footballer.

"He was on loan at the time to Hull City but I don't blame Hull City. Marlon King has got to accept full responsibility for this."

After groping and punching his victim at the Soho Revue Bar, breaking her nose, King briefly returned to Hull before spending a subsequent spell on loan at Middlesbrough.

The father of three, born in Dulwich, south London, finally made his way back to Wigan in the summer, but is now left without a club.

In 2002 King served five months of a two-year prison sentence for handling a stolen car before being released on appeal.

Whelan explained how King had kept the club in the dark about the incident.

"It's been kept quite secret by the player. We knew he did something but we didn't know exactly what it was. When you read how serious it was, I mean striking a girl and breaking her nose and messing about like that, we didn't realise the severity of what was happening here.

"We knew he'd been charged with something but I was shocked by what he had actually done and I was shocked by the sentence. But if he deserves it then he's got to do it.

The jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict against King
"I sat down with Marlon at the start of the season and said 'Marlon, if you want to play for Wigan Athletic you've got to settle down, train hard and go on the field and give your best.

"He never mentioned anything about this case and he promised me that he was going to train hard and he actually has trained hard, I have to say that.

"Once he's served his sentence, if he manages to get back into football, so be it, but he will never pull on the shirt of Wigan Athletic again."

The Jamaica international started his league career with Barnet, before moving to Gillingham.

He was also signed to Nottingham Forest, who briefly loaned him out to Leeds United, and subsequently Watford.

In January 2008, he made his move to Wigan for an initial £3m on a three-and-a-half year contract with a £40,000-a-week salary.


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May 2002: Cleared of assaulting PC Mark Searle after claiming he was trying to diffuse a "vicious row" between the officer and a friend. Convicted for driving with excess alcohol and while uninsured. Fined £650 with £40 costs, banned from driving for nine months.

2002: Six-month community rehabilitation order at Greenwich Magistrates, ordered to pay £100 compensation for criminal damage and attempting to obtain property by deception.

2002: Jailed for 18 months (reduced to nine on appeal) for receiving £30,000 stolen BMW Cabriolet. Used cloned credit card to buy £1,200 laptop and smashed a glass panel when he was caught.

May 2003: Convicted of two counts of common assault. Police told how King chased two women in Berwick Street, Soho, with a belt and buckle wrapped round his right fist. One woman said he had attacked for "no apparent reason", punching her in the face. Fined £1,000 with £500 compensation and £100 costs.

Nov 2003: Joins Nottingham Forest for £950,000, makes 50 appearances, scores 10 goals.

2005: Convicted of threatening behaviour. Spat at a woman for "no apparent reason". Fined £300 at Bow St, £500 compensation, £55 costs.

he aint no angel, and deserves all he gets


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Totally agree with the sentiments above and fair play to Wigan A. for no hesitation in giving him the boot.:take bow:


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The blokes a total thug. He got away with similar it seems twice before with women! Good riddance and fair play to Dave Whelan.


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13 different convictions for all sorts.18 months is harsh when peeps get 5 years for hurting a child.


he'll be out in about 8 months and some football club will make excuses and give him a contract.
ban him for life from football end off. too many footballers think that they are higher than the law.


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git deserves all 18 months, we have his agent whinning about a loss of earnings 2 mill plus. time to get back to planet earth pratts.


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13 different convictions for all sorts.18 months is harsh when peeps get 5 years for hurting a child.

sorry Dee, but to my opinion, its the 5 years thats too lenient and the judiciary have a lot to answer for