Marvelous Marvin Hagler has passed away


I remember just by memory, could cheat find exact details, Minter fighting Hagler in London huge fight at the time, i was young lad then, always remember Hagler gave minter a hiding, it was a brutal fight, fight got stopped i always remember empty cans were thrown in ring, only time i have seen that ever happen. first time i ever seen Hagler he was a beast of a fighter..
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Minter destruction was sad on him but Hagler was a monster in the ring. A true fighter.

The fight between Hagler/hearns was an all time great fight. Absolutely brutal the first few rounds.

Still rewatch the fight from time to time that's how good it was.
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Beast of a fighter! Ruled the 80s. Robed for his first World title fight by curupt judges and again against Leonard. Have to rate him to walk away from the game never to return. Dont think there will be another fight as brutal as the hearns one in my time. RIP War!