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Ever wonder how McDonalds managed to cook up that mouthwatering sauce or how KFC fried their chicken to perfection? Here are a few recipes which teach you how to cook their food, fast food.

Let's start with the Big Mac.

BIG MAC™ Special Sauce
1/4 cup KRAFT Miracle Whip
1/4 cup mayonnaise
2 Tablespoons,heaping, WISHBONE deluxe french salad dressing (the orange stuff)
1/2 Tablespoon HEINZ sweet relish
2 teaspooons, heaping, VLASIC dill pickle relish (Heinz dill relish also works)
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon dried, minced onion
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1 teaspoon ketchup
1/8 teaspoon salt
Mix everything very well in a small container. There better be no streaks! Microwave 25 seconds, and stir
well again. Cover, and refrigerate at LEAST 1 hour before using.( to allow all of
the flavors to "meld". ) Makes nearly 1 cup...enough for about 8 Big Macs™.
Cooking your BIG MAC™
(this is a per sandwich recipe)
1 -regular sized sesame seed bun
1 -regular sized plain bun
2 -previously frozen regular beef patties
2 -tablespoons Big Mac sauce
2 -teaspoons reconstituted onions
1 -slice real American cheese
2 -hamburger pickle slices
1/4 Cup -shredded iceberg lettuce
Discard the crown half of the regular bun, retaining the heel. The cooking method for the Big Mac™ is
basically the same as the regular burgers, only the bun toasting method is slightly
different. In the Big Mac's case you toast the bottom (heel) first. Do this along with the extra
heel. (this will be your middle bun.)
Cook the two-all-beef-patties just like the regular burgers. After the bun parts are toasted, put 1
tablespoon of "Mac sauce" on each of the heels.(toasted side.) Then add 1/8 cup
shredded lettuce to each.On the true bottom bun, place one thin slice of American cheese on top of the
lettuce. On the extra "heel", the middle bun, place two pickle slices on top of the
lettuce. Toast the "crown" (top) of the bun also. When the meat patties are done, place them one at a time
on both prepared buns. Stack the middle bun on top of the bottom bun, and put
the crown on top.
For proper "aging", or "Q-ing", ...wrap the finished Big Mac® in a 12"x18" sheet of waxed
paper as follows:
1...Center the burger, right side up, on the waxed paper. Fold the "long" ends of the paper up over the
top. (It will resemble a tube with the burger in the center.)
2...Fold the two remaining ends underneath. Wrap snug, but don't squish it like the
regular burgers.
3...Let sit 5-8 minutes, allowing the flavors to "meld".
4...Microwave, still wrapped, 15 seconds on high.
....Enjoy an AWESOME Big Mac® Sandwich!​

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McDonald's® Famous French Fries

Special Tools
Deep fryer
French Fry Cutter
(or patience for cutting potatoes)
2 large Idaho russett potatoes
1/4 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons corn syrup
1½-2 cups hot water
6 cups Crisco® shortening
1/4 cup beef lard (or save the fat from previously cooked burgers)
Preparing your french fries
Peel the potatoes. In a large mixing bowl, combine sugar, corn syrup, and hot water. Make sure the sugar is
dissolved. Using a french fry slicer, cut the peeled
potatoes into shoestrings. The potatoes should be 1/4" x 1/4" in thickness, and about 4" to 6" long. (You
can do this with a knife, but it is alot of work)
Place the shoestringed potatoes into the bowl of sugar-water, and refrigerate. Let them soak about 30
While they're soaking, pack the shortening into the deep fryer. Crank up the temperature to "full". The
shortening has to pre-heat for a very long time. It will
eventually liquify. After it has liquified and is at least 375°, drain the potatoes and dump them into the fryer.
(be careful, it will be ferocious)
After 1 to 1½ minutes, remove the potatoes and place them on a paper towel lined plate. Let them cool 8 to
10 minutes in the refrigerator.
While they're cooling, add the lard or beef drippings to the hot Crisco®. Again, crank the temperature to
full. Stir in the lard as it melts into the oil. It will blend in.
After the deep fryer is reheated to 375°-400°, add the potatoes and deep fry again. This time for 5-7 minutes
until golden brown. Remove and place in a large bowl.
Sprinkle generously with salt, then "toss" the fries to mix the salt evenly. ( I suggest about 1 teaspoon of
salt, maybe slightly more)
Serve hot, serve immediately, and enjoy! Depending upon the size of the potatoes, this recipe make about 2
medium sized fries.
Special Notes
Note¹***** If you want more fries, double the recipe---but DON'T double the cooking oil. Just cook them
in shifts, adding about 1/4 cup more Crisco® and 1
tablespoon lard for the second batch.
Note²***** If cooking for a minute or so, removing, and returning the fries to the oil seems like a pain in
the ***, that's because it is. But it is an important
"blanching" step required for that great taste.
Note³***** For an easier clone of McDonald's french fries, you can use the frozen, pre-cut Ore-Ida®
shoestring potatoes. Just cook them in the same combo of
Crisco® and lard, skipping the "blanching" process. Cook them while still frozen for 6-10 minutes
(depending upon the amount) until golden brown. They're good,
but not nearly as accurate in taste and texture as the fresh recipe.​

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McDonald's® Chicken McNuggets™
vegetable oil (in fryer)
1 egg
1 cup water
2/3 cup all-purpose flour
1/3 cup tempura mix (or 1/3 cup flour for a total of 1 cup if tempura mix is unavailable)
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon Accent®
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
4 chicken breast filets, each cut into 6-7 bite sized pieces.
Cooking your McNuggets™
1. Beat the egg and then combine it with 1 cup water in a small, shallow bowl. Stir.
2. Combine the flour, salt, Accent®, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder in a one gallon size zip lock
3. Pound each of the breast filets with a mallet until about 1/4-inch thick. Trim each breast filet into bite
sized pieces.
4. Coat each piece with the flour mixture by shaking in the zip lock bag.
5. Remove and dredge each nugget in the egg mixture, coating well. Then return each nugget to the
flour/seasoning mixture. Shake to coat. Put nuggets, bag and all,
in the freezer for at least an hour. Cover and refrigerate remaining egg mixture.
6. After freezing, repeat the "coating" process.
7. Preheat oven and large cookie sheet to 375°
8. Deep fry the chicken McNuggets™ at 375° for 10-12 minutes or until light brown and crispy. (cook only
about 9 at a time.)
9. Drain on paper towels 3-5 minutes.
10. Place deep-fried nuggets on preheated cookie sheet in oven and bake another 5-7 minutes.
11. Serve with your favorite McDonald's dipping sauce.​

KFC Chicken Recipe - Original Chicken Recipe Revealed!

In your childhood years as a precocious aspiring cook, you have probably wondered about the ingredients in the KFC chicken recipe. Well, so have many other children and their mothers and fathers while munching their way through every piece of skin and meat and, finally, sucking the bone to get every last ounce of flavor. Besides, who would not want to enjoy the flavors of a KFC fried chicken at home everyday?

However, the inventor of the KFC chicken recipe took great pains not to divulge any of the ingredients and preparation methods involved in making the finger lickin' good chicken. It remains to this day a closely-guarded trade secret although others have professed to know the KFC chicken recipe. Yes, even the trademark 11 herbs and spices are yet to be announced to the outside world.

Well, a trade secret it may be but one can always hope to find the KFC chicken recipe that most closely resembles the original as developed by Colonel Sanders. Or better yet, you can always completely copy the KFC original or spicy chicken recipe down to the last juicy bite.

How is this made possible, you ask? Well, let's just say I've learned it myself from many different resources and finally, sorted out the best ingredients for KFC original fried chicken recipe.

KFC Original Fried Chicken Ingredients

2 fryer chickens, cut up into 8 pieces and marinated
6 cups Crisco shortening
2 eggs, well beaten
31/2 tablespoons salt
1 teaspoon msg
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
1 dash paprika
3 cups milk
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons ground pepper


Place shortening into the pressure cooker and heat over medium heat to the shortening reaches 400°F.
Beat the egg and milk in a small bowl.
Mixing the remaining six dry ingredients in another bowl.
Place every piece of chicken into the milk.
Roll the moistened chicken in the flour mixture until well coated.
Drop the covered chicken pieces into the shortening and lock the lid.
When pressure builds up, cook for 8-12 minutes.

You will delightedly discover, as I have, that the KFC chicken recipe is not as difficult to do as it appears. The ingredients including the herbs and spices as well as the preparation and frying methods are detailed in a step-by-step guide, which even a fifth grader just beginning how to fry a single leg of chicken can follow.

The beauty of following a popular KFC chicken recipe is that you can make plenty of fried chickens for an army, if you want, and yet not worry about the costs rivaling the budget deficit of the United States. In short, not only will your chickens be as finger lickin' good but your pockets will not take a licking either.

Download the rest of the KFC chicken recipe here. Also, do not miss out A&W, starbucks caramel frappuccino, KFC, TGIF, Applebee's, Chili's and hundreds more most-wanted top recipe secrets in US!
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Not to sound greedy or anything, but do you have the KFC chicken spices recipe please?


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from what I can see and read 'crisco shortening' is the equivalent to what we call lard.

read somewhere else the equivalent in the UK would be cookeen, and reading recipe it seems to be only used for cooking the chicken in :dunno:



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It basically is lard, and as Anto says it is only for frying the chicken in. over yonder ye old sunflower oil is sneered at. basically, whatever you deep fry your chips in will do, but there always has been and , I suppose there always will be the argument between animal fat (lard) and vegetable oils for frying in.
However, the inventor of the KFC chicken recipe took great pains not to divulge any of the ingredients and preparation methods involved in making the finger lickin' good chicken. It remains to this day a closely-guarded trade secret although others have professed to know the KFC chicken recipe. Yes, even the trademark 11 herbs and spices are yet to be announced to the outside world.

Just for completeness, the KFC 11 herbs formula was evidently disclosed by the nephew of the "Colonel" for nothing a few months ago - KFC recipe revealed? Tribune shown family scrapbook with 11 herbs and spices - Chicago Tribune. An assessment of the result can be seen at I Tried KFC's Secret Fried Chicken Recipe and Here's How It Went — On Trend | The Kitchn.


KFC Gravy, Been using this for a while - ENJOY!!!!!

Just remember to load it with lots of black pepper............


[FONT=&amp]Serves 4


  • 3 Tablespoons (42 g) butter
  • 5 Tablespoons (39 g) all purpose flour
  • 1 chicken bouillon cube or 2 teaspoons chicken powder
  • 1 beef bouillon cube or 2 teaspoons beef powder
  • 2 1/4 cups (540 mL) water


[FONT=&amp]Dissolve the chicken and beef bouillon cubes in the water.
Melt butter in a saucepan over low heat. Add 2 tablespoons of flour and cook on low heat, stirring, about 7-8 minutes. The flour should be a medium brown color. Use caution not to burn it! (I start my heat on 4 and crank it up as needed. Every stove is different though.)
Add the remaining 3 tablespoons of flour and stir for another minute or two. Gradually add the water with the dissolved bouillon, whisking to prevent lumps. Raise the temperature to medium and bring the gravy to a boil. Cook, stirring constantly, for 5 minutes or until desired thickness is reached.
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Anybody actually made the KFC chicken on here, and any word on how well it turned out? would love to try and make some for the brats...


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Anybody actually made the KFC chicken on here, and any word on how well it turned out? would love to try and make some for the brats...

yeah, follow @wheelo recipe for ingredients in post #7 and you won't go far wrong, you need small ch portions though for best results, and don't try it with chicken breast, - need skin!!
Drumsticks are best, forget all the American crap about half a cup of this and two cups of that.
Soak the chicken in MSG/water mix for 24 hours before cooking.

Do Eeeeeet!:(y):


Having worked in food production for the best part of 25 years let me tell you that the majority of McDonalds chicken products are not made like that recipe above for nuggets , I worked for the company that mass produced the nuggets and chicken burgers for many years and there ain't no special recipe or technique lol it's a production line with minimum wage workers

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