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by Alexander Sliwinski { 2 days ago }

All hail Overlord 2! Well, OK, so don't everyone hail, but one may genuflect if one wishes. It appears that the game has been slightly enhanced since the first outing, but it's still just not clicking. We've given our "snap judgment" on the evil baiting master simulator, but let's see what the other outlets thought. Much like the original, it appears people's opinions are all across the board.

* 1UP (A-): "So no, it's not an entirely perfect experience. But all of the above complaints -- even combined with my minor irritation with details like the marionette-like cut scene animation -- barely contests my overall joy at just playing this **** thing. The original Overlord was a perfect send-up and reversal of fantasy game clichés, and the sequel is even more satisfying while fixing a lot of the first game's rough patches."
* OXM (80/100): "To be fair, most parts of Overlord II are fun, and its problems are offset by high production values and funny dialogue (oh, those minions!). A lot of folks missed the original game, so here's your second chance: Overlord II preserves what worked last time, improves what didn't, and tries several new ideas on for size."
* Eurogamer (80/100): "Overall, in what has been a pretty underwhelming year for games so far, Overlord II feels like a shining beacon of quality. Not only is it a distinct improvement on the original, but the new features add greatly to what was already a superbly entertaining game."
* Game Informer (65/100): "The real shame is that Overlord II can be entertaining. It shamelessly embraces its evil heritage, and goes to great lengths to put the hilarious minions front and center. On the other hand, it just doesn't play well. The controls are clunky, the pacing is unsatisfying, and the multiplayer feels tacked-on. While the original Overlord was a compelling game at heart, Overlord II just feels like an unpolished retread of *familiar ground."
* IGN (60/100): "Overlord II is a sequel that is neither bigger nor better than its predecessor. The size and scope have been dialed back to something that is more akin to a straight action game. And since none of the frustrating elements of the first have been fixed -- namely the camera, control, and save structure -- this game just isn't much fun. No amount of British wit could bring a smile to my face as I treaded through the tedium that is Overlord II."

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