MICKAHS Dublin Burger


Guys a quick and easy one,

This feeds two to three,

Pound and a half of Mince, some black pepper cracked, some garlic from a garlic mill, and cracked rock salt, one egg. Dubliner Cheese, Onion

With a grater, grate a whole onion, Mix the egg and seasoning and Onion into a large bowl, then add the mince, work through with yer hands, when its done, then start to make a burger, chop up some of the Dubliner cheese and then place into the middle of the burger and top again with mince (similar to a kiev), the cheese is in the middle of the burger, once the burger is rounded and finished, pop under a hot grill or BBQ and cook for about 17 mins, turning over easily, top with more cheese and garnish with lettuce and if desired some gherkin.

Sounds great mickah, when i make mine i add a bit of ketchup to make it easier to shape, but your recipe sounds better :)
add a small amount of breadcrumbs to that mix ,helps bind it and also make the meat really tender you will get up in the middle of the night to eat it(y)
Cheers MICHAH, im going to make a few of these this tomorrow, family coming round for a barbecue (weather permitting), will let you know how I get on.

Cheers thetom, will add the breadcrumbs.

We will have to get a good recipe forum sorted out, hmmm, another mod to add to the forum :).
ok for the sauce mix tomato and mayo equal amount some caynne peper and a tad of brandy its the business
and it will taste lke more
:cheers:Sounds the business that does MICKAH, have to give that a whirl tomorrow if possible, just feel like one at the minute.:)
I recommend you try this out, as said we had family round for a barbecue and I made these (with breadcrumbs) seriously they went down a treat, no one believed I made these myself so had to give the recipe out to prove it. Great thread MICKAH! cheers (y)