MICKAHS - Spicy Roast Chicken


This is a fav of mine,

Use: Chicken breast on the bone, Garlic Mill, Soya Sauce, Cracked black Pepper, Cracked Salt, Cracked or Chilli Flakes.

Cook time approx 25 mins at 200 degrees over pre-heated.

Take the chicken and with a sharp knife cut into the breast and skin, with some soya sauce splash the chicken and rub into the skin all over, season with salt and pepper and with the chilli flakes and garlic, the skin should now be a dark brown. Pop into the middle shelf on the over and roast on a rack, not in a pyrex, the chicken should be on a wire rack or grill rack uncovered. once done the skin will be crisp and the garlic and chilli roasted to it.

An alternative is to do the above, but spread honey and dijon mustard (you can uy a small jar of this) into the slits in the breast and over the skin and cook for approx 30 mins.