Microsoft confirms acquisition of 3DV


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by Ben Gilbert { 2 days ago }

Speaking during an annual conference at Microsoft's Israeli research and development center, the head of Israel R&D and corporate VP Moshe Lichtman openly confirmed the acquisition of 3DV's motion technology -- the same motion technology speculated as being used in the company's ambitious Project Natal. "The R&D center helped Microsoft in buying the intellectual property of 3DV Systems, and in the wake of that, dozens of the company's employees were recruited to work at the development center," Globes reports Lichtman said.

Though we still don't know the amount Microsoft spent acquiring 3DV, considering the amount of marketing muscle "the big M" is putting behind Project Natal, we're guessing it wasn't exactly a pittance. Now, to arrange for a few sneaky Joystiq operatives in Israel to find out exactly what's happening inside the company's clandestine research and development offices.

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