Microsoft Courier: The Secret Tablet PC


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Microsoft Courier: The Secret Tablet PC

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 02:46 AM PDT

Microsoft Courier: The Secret Tablet PC

Lately there has been so much talk of an Apple tablet that many have overlooked competing devices, well now details have been revealed regarding a tablet made by Microsoft’s which is called the Courier.

According to a recent article on Gizmodo the Courier is “ a real device” which is currently still in its prototype stages, it is thought that the Courier is more like a booklet than a tablet as it has two 7 inch screens with a central hinge giving it a booklet-like look.

As with any prototype design there is talk about a wide range of features, for the courier these include charging via an inductive pad, a wide-range of multitouch finger gestures and also the hinge is said to act as a “pocket” for items you want to move from one screen to the other.

Obviously the fact that the Courier is still in its prototype stages means that hardware specifications have not yet been released, however when we find out more we will keep you posted, you can see some prototype images here, or read Gizmodo’s article here.

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