Microsoft Office To Launch For Free On Web


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Microsoft is continuing to war with Google for internet dominance as it reveals the next version of its Office (Office 2010) software will be available for free online.

Office 2010 will feature free and lightweight versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, Microsoft revealed at a developer conference.

It is a direct challenge to Google's Docs range of productivity tools, launched three years ago.

Microsoft is also planning to allow users to co-author documents in real time - a similar move to Google's upcoming product Wave, the successor to Google Docs.

Office 2010, likely to be released early next year, is just the latest move in an ongoing battle between the two firms.



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I could care less about either one of them (no disrespect to your post G :) ) as I use Open Office and could not be more pleased with the results. It has been free from the beginning.
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i use office 2003 myslef and just cant get used to 2007 at all so il stick with what i know but thanks gman