Mike Tyson to fight Roy Jones Jr in exhibition bout

I think Roy Jones wins this fellas. You can't just rock up out of absolutely nowhere with all the mental health issues Tyson has had and expect to still be half decent. Roy Jones has remained in boxing throughout his life, now as a trainer and was still fighting up until recently. He still lives the life to an extent.

If this event actually goes ahead, I'm lumping on Jones when the time comes!


TK Veteran
Both amazing fighters in their primes.

But always been a Tyson fan since a kid, got to go with my man here. Looks in amazing condition as fast as ever even for his age.


TK Veteran
They'll be leaning on each other by rd4. Although they might show 30 seconds clips throwing super fast leather for promo video's wait till there 12-15minutes in.
For me its all becoming a bit of a circus especially with these YouTube toss pots fighting.
If you wanna watch boxing there's one on Sat Lomachenko v Teofimo Lopez
Now that will be a scrap. I have a feeling Lomachenko might just meet his match


TK Veteran
You can tell he's off his head in recent video :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Don't know how drug testing will work for this fight but this fight will break some records for sure.