Mikomi MK9 2NW Webcam Driver


Hi guys,
I am hoping someone may be able to help me out. I have just acquired from a friend a Mikomi MK9 2NW Webcam. He purchased it from Argos in the UK a couple of years ago, but unfortunately no longer has the Driver CD.

I have tried to find the Driver online, but have had no luck so far. If I Google search it I get plenty of results ,but these are just programmes that want to check all my Drivers on my PC and not a specific download for my webcam. I don't trust these sites and not prepared to take the risk. It seems by reading other comments online that there are other people who have had exactly the same problem without any resolution.

I would really appreciate if anyone can offer me some advice in helping me find this driver. I am operating a Windows 10 64bit Laptop if that is any help.

If not I will have to purchase a new one.

Many Thanks and stay safe everybody
Thanks for the reply.... I know this may sound like a dumb question but how do I actually run this download? After extraction I have a
.cat secuirty catalogue file ,
.dll application extention file ,
..inf Setup Information file
1 .sys System file
2. sys System file
and a read me file

Many thanks
I have read the Read me file, which is mostly irrelevant. However it did say that once downloaded use the Computer Management to update the driver. I have tried to do this both Search Automatically and Manually search my Laptop and internet for the latest driver for my device. On each occasion no driver could be found.