Modern Warfare 2 intel captured in latest Game Informer


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By: Ben Gilbert


As per this month's Modern Warfare 2 cover story in Game Informer, details of the piece have surfaced over at GiantBomb. A smattering of new revelations are covered, including the flat-out refusal of co-op play in story mode (said to break the narrative experience). Additionally, Captain "Soap" MacTavish returns, bringing with him distinctly more open-ended gameplay, and a significantly fleshed out "special forces" mode (one that will mimic and expand upon the final "Mile High Club" airplane battle in CoD4).

If you want more, you're just going to have to snag a copy of this month's GI. We'll be honest with you, though -- at this point, we expect greatness from the veteran development team at Infinity Ward. Luckily, from the looks of things, the game's release on November 10 will bring ever-widening smiles to the faces of existing fans and reignite our already burnin' love for the series.

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