MOT, Servicing and Emissions

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dropped it of, biked home,its been pishing down allday, just sit down phone call can pick it up, back out into the rain, oh well its done at half the price they qouted.


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dee,what year make and model is it? this is a symptom of a bad rack.if the pump is full and the belt is tight the rack could be the problem.this is generally worse before it warms up.we call it morning sickness.


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cheers had, lets hope its not another steering pump, this one was new from rover not of net.


ask here i may be able to help
hi moh,just wondered what would happen during a mot in uk if the flat bed ramp collappsed
with your car on it? if the test had run out or you just left it at the test station????
a few possibilities there i guess???
cheers al


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I would think the tester might be hard pressed to answer that when he is underneath squashed.