Ms fake antivirus


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Safe mode gets you into a mode which is safe to use :) hows that for an explanation lol
F8 may not get you into safe mode on boot but on all os's the option for safe mode IS F8 when prompted to PRESS F8 more more advanced options, which gives you the options for safe mode, last known good config, safe mode with networking an all the rest.


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thats what i did as well ran some additional antivirus software to make sure it was all cleared, also used CCleaner. Presto computer was sorted.


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One of the fundamental mistakes users make when attempting to rid their systems of infections is to forget to turn off "System Restore" first. Many of today's infections embed themselves in the system restore point & incubate their waiting to hatch once more. They get put there first and the infection is launched from there to the users machine proper. Once the infection is detected and the offending culprit it successfully removed they system gets restarted and the infection get to play some more. This is not true in all cases but is in the case of infections that were designed to propagate.

The golden rule of thumb it to treat every infection as one that's capable of propagation. Always turn off system restore prior to disinfection and only enable it again after you are sure the infection proper has been removed successfully and have restarted you system to a known clean state. (y)

System Restore regularly tracks changes to your computer's system files, and uses a feature called System Protection to create restore points. System Protection is turned on by default on all hard disks on your computer. You can select which disks have System Protection turned on.

Turning off System Protection for a disk deletes all restore points for that disk. You cannot restore the disk until you turn on System Protection again and a restore point is created.

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