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MSI X-Slim X600 Laptop Review: 0.75-inches thin


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MSI X-Slim X600 Laptop Review: 0.75-inches thin

Posted: 11 Aug 2009 11:16 AM PDT

MSI X-Slim X600 Laptop Review: 0.75-inches thin

We have a review for you to check out now, for the new MSI X-Slim X600 laptop. Its main selling point is not the X600’s specs or features, but the size of the laptop itself. It is only 0.75-inch thin, making it one of the thinnest laptops out there at the moment.

The review comes to you courtesy of LaptopMag, who have written 8 pages worth of content on the X600. The MSI X-SLim X600 is available to buy right now for around $799.

Key specs include a 15.60-inch display screen, a 1.4-GHz Intel Penryn Core 2 Solo SU3500 ULV processor, ATI 512MB Radeon HD 4330 graphics, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive and Windows Vista Home Premium OS.

LaptopMag state that the X-Slim X600 has a strong graphics performance and good battery life. However, they do state that the speakers are a bit ‘weak’, the keyboard feels a bit cramped and the laptop heats up quickly.

Check out the full review over at LaptopMag and let us know your thoughts.