Hey folks,

Hoping someone can offer me some good advice.

I am currently trying to set up 6 monitors through one laptop. Laptop is a Dell Latitude 5490 please note this is all Dell stuff as it is through my work.
I am using the WD19 docking station which has 2 x DisplayPorts. I have then bought 2 splitters from startech which is a 3-port multimonitor DisplayPort MST Hub.

This has allowed me to connect all 6 monitors with the Display ports. All 6 monitors are Dell P2419H monitors and dont have a DP output which would have allowed me to daisy chain them.

So when I have all 6 connected it will only recognise 3 of them and it could be 3 random it doesnt necessarily have to be 3 that is connected to one of the splitters it seems to be mixed.
When i go into the Intel Graphics control panel the below is shown.

So all 6 screens are being recognised, but it will only let me output to three of them through Port1 as seen in the image, when i click the drop down it doesnt have a Port2 which i would have thought it would?

Does anyone know why it only shows Port1? is this due to the set up? is it due to the limitations of the laptop? is it potentially a driver issue where the WD-19 isnt showing 2 ports?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
How good is laptop i would ask.

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Curious if laptop could use a hdmi output to a 6 monitor splitter,like they have in tv shops for 1 signal source to multiple screens but thinking not all monitors have hdmi?

thanks for the reply.
Yeah I am wondering if it could be the laptop itself, with the WD19 docking station I would have expected to see port 2 on the intel control panel. That was the whole point of getting the wd19 because it had the two displayports. I will perhaps just contact Dell as it is all their products and they will be able to better advise.
I should have mentioned I am wanting the screens to all work independently of each other.