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I don’t know about you, but it’s been ages since I opened up Window’s “Volume Mixer”. Last time I opened it, circa some time when Windowx XP was new, it wasn’t particularly useful (filled with individual volume controls for obscure audio components on my computer I didn’t even use). In Windows 7 it’s actually useful! You can pick the individual device and then pick the applications piping sound through. How is this useful? When I listen to Pandora I use it to mute the system sounds and my IM client’s alerts. It’s way easier than going into the individual apps and toggling the sound settings! Maybe this is common knowledge but I figured there had to be a lot of people like me that never bothered to look at the Volume Mixer.

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I just opened this, and all that showed are the left two on the screen above (Speakers and system sounds) do you have to add them to themixer, if so how. I have Chrome running, firefox and IE on the laptop.
Any ideas??


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Close the mixer, start playing a video through youtube on chrome and similar through firefox or whatever and then try open the mixer again. I dont think the mixer will detect any application other than the system volume if nothing is being played through your browser or media player. You could also raise the speaker volume to the max and then individually control the volume of each application running like my screenshot here

25-02-2012 04-12-13.jpg

This could also help

1) Click on the Start Menu
2) Right click on "Computer", and select "Properties"
3) On the left column, select "Advanced System Settings"
4) Under the "Performance" section, click on the "Settings" button.
5) In the big box of options, ensure that the first option, "Animate controls and elements inside windows" is enabled.

If it already is enabled uncheck the box and apply then tick the box again and apply.
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