My Burmese Python



Bino is a burmese python who you have seen pictures of before. She to was one that refused to eat and was on deaths door. Again like Pete i took on the challenge of trying to force feed her - which was not easy. Pythons have different teeth to corns and more powerful jaws- even at a young age.
She refused to eat - i tried to force food down her she tried to bring it back up, but me being me she was not going to win. i ended up pushing the food down as far as i could then gently massaged it down to her stomach.

She is now 2 yrs old and ive just weighed her and she weighs in at 807grams and is about 3-4ft long. A normal Burmese Python of that age would be about 8-10ft long and and probably quite heavy - to heavy maybe to lift. The last few months she started eating on her own so its taken over 18 months to manage to get her to eat. Long hard struggle and she has really gone tho it. BUT we won she survived ( still not sure if its male or female)
She is so placid, but being a python yes she can strike out and could leave her mark with her teeth.
so here are some photos taken to day by a friend. Hope you like



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Nice pic linny, love her colour :)
And well done on nursing her back to the way she is now (y)