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Hiya folks :) so i got my new shiny box today and plan on setting up Tomorrow if i get the time ! I reckon i will be fine doing the flash, but one thing that confuses me a little is when it comes to adding my line i see different editing methods, ie: put CWS = before the line. I want to use dream explorer in the first instance so basically what i`m asking is...When i enter the line details via remote do i just add the line as it was sent to me with nothing in front of it.

Thank you In advance, just trying to get my melon prepared lol


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It also depends on whether you are going to do it yourself, or put on a build.
You've a lot of work if you're starting from scratch, as you'll think you need various plugins, but when it comes to it, you won't, therefore it's a lot of trial and error until you find your perfect set up.
Whereas with adding a build, you are taking someone else's finished product.


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With regards to adding your line details I would advise entering your line details as you are given them and not change anything.
Some servers use different ports for different protocols and these would need changing at server panel level, not you manually adding or removing letters.

There is servers around where you can change the letters at the start, N to CWS =
Just ask your supplier before doing anything as you may run into issues otherwise.


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Thanks Guy`s :) Wheelo i`m going to start by flashing with ipab, already downloaded and waiting to go on to my drive ( when it arrives ) :)

Dangerous, when i purchased my line ( From here ) my provider told me it was a Nline :) i plan on using dream explorer to enter it in to MGCamd, but do i need to add N: at the start of my line or nothing at all ?
Thanks again lads :)
you have to enter it as it came, i use Nlines and it looks like this

N: servername port user password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

I set up a box yesterday and like you had readlots stuff,I read Nline should be put in folder newcamd.list
and set to mgcam on the zgemma but this didn't work!!!!

I have all ways put in Cccam.cfg file and set to CCcam and has always worked.
Can anyone explain this ,why the Nline didn't work using newcamd.list folder please???
Also what does a mgcam line look like????

just to let you know yesterday I set a new box up with wooshbuild and it was so easy and also can load your line when installing
followed these instruction so easy!!!!
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