Nagravision 2 was not cracked !


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Nagravision is a programming system to protect the signal that is sent out to charlie and B3V subscribers.

It secures the signals and those not paying for it get a "scrambled signal".

A short time ago, charlie and B3V were not watchable because Nagravision 2 was in place and no one could see their channels except paid up subscribers.

There was a court case in Europe and in court, it was required as evidence, to provide some key information about how nagravision 2 worked in scrambling and securing the broadcasts.

The programmers of Nagravision 2 were told they had to comply and reveal how their system worked basically.

That is how Nagravision 2 became public knowledge and lead to the birth of all the companies that made "free TV" receivers.

So the programming team went back to the drawing boards and now a more powerful and secure system called nagravision 3 in in place starting in Europe first and now with B3V. Charlie will be next starting with international channels. (they are now secure on 118 W, 61.W, 148 W, etc)

Next came adult channels that are now gone to nagravision 3 on 119 W, 148 W, 110 W, etc.

To get nagravision 3 in place, though, charlie had to swap all paid subscribers with new encryption ID cards that go into charlies receivers.

no one knows when all channels will go Nag3 but it is happening slowly but surely right now

But you can expect to be renting movies at Net Flix and watching home movies soon.

Do not expect a fix for this any time soon. It has not been cracked in Europe.

That is a fact, although many rumors persist and continue to circulate about bits and pieces of code being cracked.
My thoughts
(Actually this is false there is a hack in Europe the dream box is running tvcabo Spain and it is nag3 there are subtle differences in code but non the less it is working...I have also talked with a coder friend of mine and he assured me it is not a problem And not to worry...SO i am not going to make a prediction on when a file will be released but just know this one will be released)
Seeing is believing.

I K S systems are sharing a valid subscription and have not cracked nagravision 3. But for a valid subscriber to pay 24 hours a day 7 days a week to pay per views and adult channels is too expensive. That is why those cannot be seen on I K S systems such as n Fusion, NeoSat, and the others.

I hope this helps you understand the big picture.

Nagravision 2 was not cracked in the first place. My thoughts are don't expect nagravision 3 to be cracked in one day it might again take a leak of info...But never the less there is too much money invested in this game ... So it will be broken just No one knows when...But u can bet it wont happen till every channel is black once that happens then a file might emerge.. but only till then so sit back relax and enjoy the ride Most of us have been through this plenty of times so we know the procedure those newbies I will tell u this have patients
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