NBA Live 10 gameplay footage hits the hardwood


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by Randy Nelson { 12 hours ago }


You were probably expecting the first gameplay footage of NBA Live 10 to feature a reenactment of the 2009 NBA Finals match-up between the LA Lakers and the Orlando Magic, but it doesn't.

It seems at first glance to be the Eastern Conference Finals between the Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers. But wait -- Shaq's in the game! He wasn't traded to the Cavs until after the Finals, so we can only guess this is one of those crazy "What If?" scenarios. (Or, more likely, EA wanted the game's debut video to include the power couple of Shaq and LeBron James.)

Time-traveling Shaq aside, it looks good to us. What's your first impression of EA's latest hoops sim?

From - Joystiq [Xbox]