PS3 Need Help with PS3 fat no video but still runs ?


So here's the consoles history and were its up to right now.....

PS3 JAILBROKEN...... More like just broken!
Model = cechc03
date cade 7a
OS = Rebug 4.81.1/2 (unsure if 1/2)
Mainboard = COK-002 1-873-513-21
4x USB with SD Card reader MC slot ect
Not really i used the crude heat gun method to get it running as it had YLOD and also did not have a hard disk inside it so i put a 320GB which came from another donor PS3 which formated and set up fine , i have also drilled some holes in the bottom of the console round the fan area as i was advised to do as it surposed to help with keeping the system cool. Used rebug 4.8.x to make a nand dump and a dump of a couple more files which i cannot remember the name of maybe IDPS and one that name starts "sysxxxxx.

Was running and everything worked well had to do a small repaire of the blur-ray drive which was just a matter of resetting the drive mec, Had multiman and all the normal stuff installed plus a few games but noticed the fan was running loud so when playing farcry 4 sounded as if it would lift off into space so used heatgun on it one again but this time i took the ihc plates off and redid the paste on them, Found it hard putting system bak togever as the plates sould slide about but got it done in the end, But now when i power on the console the green light comes on and so does the blue if a disk is inserted and system will let me eject and re-insert any game but i nw have just a black screen and cannot turn system off unless i hold power button for 5s plus except when i hold the power button from been off and kept my finger on it have tryed =
Dif HDMI cable
Dif TV
1.would try the other video output but dont have the cable :(
2.tryed holding BD and power button togever but never got fan test but dont think this model surports that anyway.
3.The BD drive ribbon does not have the drop down plastic bit so had to hold it in place with tape wounder if this is the problem ( Ruled that out looked around online and found that the system will boot and run with drive completly disconnected which i have done but still same problem.
4.??? Hmm wounder if i have scratchd the tiny circuits on the cpu of rxh when i removed those dam ihs plates (is there an offficial method or proper tools that can be got to help with this as i had to use a nail file i had grind down (UPDATE) Console is now back bits and the RSX is fine no scratchs there but the CPU does have a couple of surface scratchs on it got a good magnifier lens and dont look as if tracks broken, also without the heatsinks on but fan wire still conneted to the system it does do as it should .. fan spins up for about 2s then jumps to full speen then system cuts out and red light flashers. So it seems everything is working as it should except gettin picture on screen.