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Im trying to install nero 7 instead of nero 8, it keeps saying i have a newer version of nero on the system and to uninstall the newer version first

ive already done this but still get the message appearing

appears i still have some folders lying around on the system that i cant delete even in admin or safe mode

any ideas please?
sorry should have said what ive tried, ran revo and ccleaners uninstall programs

using this at the moment, have to do a restart in a minute so ill let you know if it works

thanks for the replies anyway

theres a couple of folders left in program files that i cant delete manually, folders contain dll files, ill do the restart now and check it out again to see if that tool worked
cheers lads, that nero cleaning tool seems to have done the trick, installing nero 7 now as i type so fingers crossed nothing goes wrong!!!
thanks 7th, all went well til i opened nero vision, now i get this

Unable to initialize the Nero API. Unspecified error

i believe i have to use the clean tool yet again and try a reinstall again afetr another restart?
use unlocker to make sure all folders are gone thats the same er i get with win 7 have not heard back from nero yet
API = Application Programming Interface

Normally the error you're receiving is due to a corrupt installation.

You may need to uninstall again, run the clean tool, Ccleaner, defrag, then give it another go. Perhaps someone has a better suggestion, but this has been from what playing around i've done with Nero.

One could always just install Imgburn. ;)
You will need to run Nero "Clean Tool" to remove all traces of the product before installing a different version.

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You will need to run Nero "Clean Tool" to remove all traces of the product before installing a different version.


ran that twice Gman, ill see how it goes this time, have a funny feeling somethings missing though as the good ole reliable dvd flick wouldnt work for me either
If you simply want to burn the AVI to a disc and keep it as an AVI, yes ImgBurn can do that. Just use Build mode and burn it as you would do any other file.

Or you can convert to dvd compliance with AVStoDVD or DVDFlick then burn.

Glad you got it sorted though.