Netbook Battery Life: Windows 7 vs. XP


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Netbook Battery Life: Windows 7 vs. XP

Posted: 26 Aug 2009 02:24 PM PDT

Netbook Battery Life: Windows 7 vs. XP

According to a recent two-page article on ComputerWorld apparently Windows XP out performs Windows 7 when comparing battery, it seems that after a few independent tests it is not uncommon for Windows XP to allow 2.5 hours more battery life then Windows 7 would provide on an identical netbook.

There have been many tests on many different netbooks with different versions of Windows 7, however with every test Windows XP has outperformed Windows 7’s battery life by at least 2 percent, however most tests indicated far more than this.

It is thought that Windows 7 will outperform Windows Vista in terms of battery life, and when better drivers are created for Windows 7 we may even see a closer battery life between Windows XP and Windows 7, however in my opinion due to the fact Windows XP’s code is a lot simpler than Windows 7 XP will always have the edge.

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