NetWalker Smartbook (PC-Z1): Runs Ubuntu Linux


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NetWalker Smartbook (PC-Z1): Runs Ubuntu Linux

Posted: 27 Aug 2009 06:27 AM PDT

NetWalker Smartbook (PC-Z1): Runs Ubuntu Linux

Sharp have recently announced that their new NetWalker PC-Z1 smartbooks will be shipped as standard with Ubuntu, this follows a somewhat cult following of Sharps Zaurus PDA’s running the popular Linux distribution.

Hardware wise the PC-Z1 features a 800MHz processor, 512MB of memory, 4GB of on-board flash storage, built in WiFi, two USB ports and a microSDHC slot for additional storage, it also has a 10 hour battery.

The smartbook is said to have a 3-second quick launch and in my opinion should run the OS pretty smoothly, although the CPU speed will restrict performance. The PC-Z1 is looking to retail in Japan as of September 25th for ¥44,800, this is roughly the equivalent of $479. Fore details check out Engadget’s article. is here

Sharp's 5-inch PC-Z1 NetWalker honors Zaurus legacy with touchscreen Ubuntu