New Encryption

I've read somewhere on here that the providers are bringing out a new encryption, which will effectively stop any of the boxes / lines working. Does anyone know more about this subject?

Thinking of buying my first box and getting a VM line, but just wondering if it's worth it if there's a chance it may not last long.

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Just thought with you posting on there, you potentially had some more knowledge on the subject

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Running out

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Nagra 4 or whatever they want to call it does not bother me , as there is plenty other options out there for watching
TV , its a big sky out there . Your going to pay about £85 for a zegemma then something for a line, if it goes tits up you ain't losing your house are you .


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Matt all this was going round the forums when I got my box over 2 years ago. Think of it like this if you buy a box and a year subscription for what £100 and it goes off after 2 months you have broke even.